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Texas A&M’s Maritime Academy Pass and Review Change of Command 2019

By Alinoe Roussie, '22

|Photo: Alinoe Roussie, Nautilus Staff

Jack Clark passing command to new Corps Commander Chase LeBeau

Texas A&M Maritime Academy (TAMMA) held the annual Final Pass and Review Change of Command on April 27.

The current Corps Commander Jack Clark, '19 issued the change of command to Chase LeBeau, '20.

The ceremony consisted of two marches. The first march, which was led by former Corps Commander Jack Clark, was the last Pass and Review for the 2019 leadership.

The second march was led by new Corps Commander Chase LeBeau. It was the first Pass and Review for the new commanders while the class of 2019 stood on the receiving line.

Keegan O'Kelley replaced Jonas Calhoun as the Bravo One’s 2019-2020 Company Commander. O'Kelley plans to make some changes with his own ways of leading. "I'll probably be a little stricter on my company," explained O'Kelley.

In addition to the significance of the position, Keegan is also excited to be one of ten company commanders leading 50 of his fellow cadets.

"It's definitely something that not many cadets do and are a part of." The second pass and re- view with Chase LeBeau announced a new year for TAMMA Corps of Cadets and concluded this