Math Olympiad

The first TAMUG Mathematics Olympiad took place in the fall of 2009 and continues today as an annual event. The purpose was for students to have fun and develop an appreciation for independent abstract thinking. Many talented students have taken home significant cash prizes and, what is more important, realized their creative potential in mathematics. Olympiad problems require a Eureka moment of sudden enlightenment, when a seemingly difficult problem is solved by a sudden understanding in a flash of inspiration. Olympiad problems can be intellectually beautiful and a student finding a solution may experience something similar to a mountain climber reaching the summit.  First and foremost, while participating, we want you to have fun and enjoy yourself while thinking of the problems.

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Previous Winners:

On Wednesday, December 2, winners from the 2009 Math Olympiad were recognized during a small reception in their honor.

Students Erika Meeker, Austin Thompson and Mary Fields were each awarded an Honorable Mention and received $150 each in prize money. Laura Robichaux and Laura Timm each received $100 in addition to their Commendation certificates. Other participants were recognized for their participation. Those students were Rachel Schweers, Jaclyn Austin, Mariano Mary, Britney Greer and Gary Smotherman.

The Math Olympiad was held on October 11 as a exercise in learning and challenging one's mind. Prize money was awarded to each of the top winners. The Math Olympiad was hosted by Professor David Lawhon, Dr. Leon Luxemburg and Professor Pete Gracia.