Alexandru T. Balaban

Professor Emeritus (Retired)
Department of Marine and Coastal Environmental Science

Phone: +1 (409) 741.4313

Bldg. 3026, Office 701


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Ph.D. Bucharest Polytechnic University
H.S. Bucharest, Romania and Petroşani, Romania

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Awards & Recognition

2016: National Order Star of Romania with grade Cavalier, President of Roumania

2007: Distinguished Achievement Award for Research, The Association of Former Students of Texas A&M

2007: Roumanian Academy’s Medal “Costin D. Nenitzescu” for distinguished chemical research results

2000: National Order Star of Romania with grade Faithful Service, President of Roumania

1997: Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Timişoara Roumania

1994: Herman Skolnik Award, Division of Chemical Information of the American Chemical Society

1966: Roumanian Order of Scientific Merit

1963: Roumanian Order of Labor

1962: Roumanian Academy’s Chemistry Prize

Professional Appointments

1991-2012: Tenured Professor of Chemistry, Texas A&M University Galveston

1995-1998: Vice President, Roumanian Academy.

1967-1970: Senior Research Officer, Chemistry Division, International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria, in charge with radiopharmaceuticals.

1967-1974: Head of the Laboratory (along with didactic activity), Isotopically Labelled Compounds of the Bucharest Institute of Atomic Physics.

1956-1999: Chair of Organic Chemistry, Bucharest Polytechnic University

1970-1999: Professor, Bucharest Polytechnic University

1961-1966: Associate professor, Bucharest Polytechnic University

1956-1960: Assistant professor, Bucharest Polytechnic University

1956-1999: Chair of Organic Chemistry, Bucharest Polytechnic University

Membership in Scientific Academies

2005 - 2008: President, International Academy of Mathematical Chemistry, Dubrovnik, Croatia

2005: Titular member, International Academy of Mathematical Chemistry, Dubrovnik, Croatia

2001: Honorary member, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest.

1995: Titular member, American-Roumanian Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters.

1993: Titular member, Roumanian Academy of Technical Sciences, Bucharest.

1983: Member, World Academy of Theoretical Organic Chemists, Paris.

1963: Corresponding member, Romanian Academy, Chemistry Section

Invited Positions

1996: Invited research scientist, École Normale Supérieure, Paris, France (2 months).

1996: Invited research scientist, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MS, US  (2 months).

1991: Invited research scientist, Virginia Commonwealth University, Medical College of Virginia, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Richmond, Virginia (3 months).

1989 - 1990: Invited Lectureship, Wilhelm Ostwald Theoretical Organic Chemistry Chair, University Leipzig (6 months).

1973: Invited research scientist, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany (3 months).