Training & Research

The Department of Marine Engineering Technology has numerous labs and training spaces for students to enhance their understanding and familiarity with concepts and skills. With students having the chance to engage in high-caliber learning under the guidance of highly experienced professors and educators, these experiences translate well to a host of practical job applications.

Training Spaces    

T/S General Rudder

The General Rudder is named for legendary Texas A&M graduate James Earl Rudder. He commanded the fabled Army Rangers during their scaling of Pointe Du Hoc on D-Day, June 6, 1944. It is the latest in a long line of ships providing essential deck and engine training to Cadets of the Texas A&M Maritime Academy at TAMUG.

Marine Engine Simulator

This complex computer program in a dedicated lab allows students to practice problem solving in realistic situations. The ability to introduce real time factors such as stress and efficiency into scenarios prepare students to respond instinctively to the environment of a ship’s engine room.

Ship Bridge Simulator

The ship bridge simulator is a series of three spaces housed on TAMUG’s campus. It utilizes cutting edge technology to provide Cadets valuable training to prepare them for any number of maritime situations and conditions.

Other Training Spaces

  • Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • Materials Lab
  • Machine Shop Lab
  • Electrical Lab
  • Electronics & Automation Lab
  • Materials Research Lab
  • Advanced Research Electronics Lab
  • Steam/Diesel/Welding Lab

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Student Research Symposium    

The Student Research Symposium is hosted at TAMUG annually with an aim to showcase all the research undertaken by students throughout the year.  Students present posters of their findings and are judged  within their field and in the wider context of the university by faculty members.  The Marine Engineering Technology Department has steadily grown its research representation at the conference and aims to exhibit even more research projects in the future.

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Want to Get Involved?    

For undergraduates there is also the opportunity of the Undergraduate Research Scholars program (UGRS), which allows students to pursue a research project under the tutelage of a professor whilst writing a thesis.

For more information about UGRS, please visit the following:

For all other research inquiries, please visit:

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