The Department of Marine Engineering Technology offers an interdisciplinary engineering degree focused on the marine environment.  Whether you have plans to work on shore, on oil platforms, or on board ships, this program will give the education and training needed to become a marine engineer, capable of solving problems big and small in a variety of fields.

Undergraduate Degrees    

Marine Engineering Technology

MARR provides an interdisciplinary education in marine propulsion, electrical power, electronics and maritime-related engineering. The curriculum is a blend of marine power systems and applied mechanical engineering programs in the marine industry.  Fundamental courses are supplemented with studies in naval architecture, marine applications of electrical engineering, and thermodynamics. The program is enhanced through the utilization of numerous and frequent hands-on learning experiences that elevate the education of our students.

Merchant Mariner’s License Option Available

Marine Engineering Technology Guide    

The Department of Marine Engineering Technology pairs strenuous classroom instruction with numerous hands-on learning opportunities in order to properly educate marine-based engineers. The interdisciplinary education spans marine propulsion, electrical power, electronics, and maritime engineering, blending marine power systems and applied mechanical engineering. The department utilizes both top quality professors and cutting-edge technology to create confident and successful engineers.

This guide provides an overview of our undergraduate degree and admissions information.