Detailed Overview    

The Maritime Cybersecurity Minor is designed to appeal to both less technically oriented and more technically oriented undergraduate students. Cybersecurity encompasses everything that pertains to protecting our sensitive data, personally identifiable information, protected health information, personal information, intellectual property, data, and governmental and industry information systems from theft and damage attempted by criminals and adversaries. The world relies specifically on maritime commerce to move exceptionally large portions of goods, services, and people over the water, collectively this effort comprises the Maritime Transportation System. A significant component of this daunting multi-faceted enterprise is cyber networks and the infrastructure they control. The need for this minor in the maritime industry is because of the increase in reported attacks that shut down the electronic positioning software systems on ships, making them vulnerable to attacks that could modify files and charts, causing the potential for severe damage. All students who enroll in the minor will acquire a firmly grounded understanding of cybersecurity, focusing on those issues related to maritime, including cyber ethics.


Maritime Cybersecurity Minor Classes    

Foundational Courses (select 6 hours):
Foundational Courses (select 6 hours):

MARA 201 Foundations of Maritime Cybersecurity
MARA 403/CSCE 402 Law and Policy in Cybersecurity

Elective Courses (select 9 hours):
Elective Courses (select 9 hours):

CSCE 477/CYBR 403 Cybersecurity Risk
MARA 304 Marine Insurance
MARA 401 Brokerage and Chartering
MARA 416 Port Operations, Administration and Economics
MARA 450 Maritime Supply Chain Management

Apply Today    

You are highly encouraged to declare your proposed minor a year before graduation because it will be more difficult to get it added to your transcript as graduation approaches. Declaring a minor with a time period shorter than a year before graduation will still be possible, however, we recommend not waiting until the last minute. For those who have any questions about the declaration process or if anyone is experiencing difficulty with declaring this minor please get in touch with the advisor for the Maritime Business Administration Department.


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Thinking of Future Education?    

At Texas A&M University at Galveston we offer a comprehensive array of degrees that are geared to make the most of our ideal location on the edge of the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. With programs ranging from marine biology to maritime business administration led by enterprising professors at the top of their fields, we’re full of the opportunities you’re seeking. See below for more information about the Maritime Business Administration degree programs at the graduate level:

3+2 Master of Maritime Business Administration Degree

Only current students attending Texas A&M University at Galveston that are majoring in Maritime Business Administration can apply to the 3+2 Master of Maritime Business Administration and Logistics degree using this application  The 3+2 applications must be turned into the Maritime Business Administration Department in CLB 221 to Jossette Chimes, the MARA business coordinator. For further questions, she can be reached by phone at 409-740-4474 or by email at Submission deadlines for these applications are as follows: Spring applications are due on October 1st. Fall applications are due May 1st. 

Master of Maritime Business Administration and Logistics 

All other students can apply for the thesis (research) or non-thesis (professional) track using the GraduateCAS application which can be found by clicking the "Admissions Information" box below. Non-thesis master’s students may also apply for the License Option. Please see the Graduate CAS Application Procedure by clicking the "Admissions Information" box below for detailed instructions. Submission deadlines for these applications are as follows: Spring applications are due on October 1st. Fall applications are due May 1st.

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