Library Instruction

Access the central hub for all Library Instruction materials. Students can participate in asynchronous information literacy learning, student employees can access their training materials, and faculty or staff can learn more about sharing the library's instructional materials.


Information Literacy is the ability to locate, evaluate, use, and organize information. We have created instructional materials in a variety of formats and delivery methods that address student information literacy needs. The skills and practices these lessons provide will enhance students' abilities to conduct relevant and ethical research, evaluate sources for accuracy and reliability, address issues of information bias, and more. We're moving beyond the basic library facility tours and tackling some of the most frequently requested and advanced research topics to support learning and assist students campus-wide.

Asynchronous Learning

We offer library-hosted asynchronous modules covering some of the most essential and requested information literacy topics. From a brief orientation, to advanced research in the sciences, these lessons include video presentations, demonstrations, helpful tools, and learning assessments.

Student Employee Training

Marketable skills (also known as transferable skills) are qualities and abilities that transfer easily from one job to another. While our library pilot program of these training materials was designed for front-desk workers, the lessons and teaching materials transfer seamlessly to any student employee position on campus. These modules may be taken by any students, or can be assigned by

Faculty & Staff Collaboration

We find that students in higher education have vastly variant bases of knowledge when it comes to information literacy and how to conduct academic research. If you want your students to excel in your courses and beyond, consider one of the many library instructional formats and options we offer.