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Who We Are

Learning Commons Faculty and Staff are thought leaders and knowledge managers and contribute to Campus learning outcomes and leaders in the fields such as active learning strategies, study tools, reference services, student worker high impact practices, tutoring, undergraduate research, peer services and service learning.

David Baca

Dr. David Baca
Library & Learning Commons Director

Amy Caton

Amy Caton
Learning Commons Associate Director

Laurissa Noack

Laurissa Noack
Learning Commons Assistant Director

Alex Mitchell

Alexandra Mitchell
Librarian II

Michael Sweeney

Michael Sweeney
Library Manager

  Katherine Echols

Katherine Echols
Instructional Assistant Professor

Laura McElfresh

Laura McElfresh
Digital Initiatives Librarian

John Majdi

John Majdi
Library Specialist III

Dr. Papia F. Rozario

Papia F. Rozario
GIS Library Outreach Liaison
Instructional Assistant Professor

What We Do

  • How We Make a Difference

    The Learning Commons supports a diverse family and community of students, staff, and faculty working toward fostering academic excellence. We provide a modern learning and teaching experience, contribute to dynamic student learning and provide high impact learning opportunities through innovative ideas and actions that supplement and support lifelong learning goals. We impact student persistence and graduation rates, improved grades, confidence, self-esteem, and self-efficacy.

  • Impact & Partnerships

    Imagine a space where a student comes to get evaluated on academic strengths and goals, is engaged in a curriculum that supports those strengths, integrates additional math, science, business, and classical knowledge with writing in those areas and creates multimedia communications to better convey ideas. The TAMUG Learning Commons brings together in one environment honors and undergraduate research, library collections and services, multimedia services, and peer resources for students, faculty, and staff. The driving force behind an integration of these learning support services is a single point of services and resources for students.

How We Help

How to make a TutorTrac Appointment

  1. Use your NetID and Password to login to TutorTrac
  2. Select the Search Availability button
  3. Choose the desired Center, Course Section, and Reason for the visit
  4. Click the Search button to view schedules
  5. Select 1-On-1 and Multi-Person slots to save as appointments. Drop-in time slots cannot be reserved.
TutorTrac provides the date, time, and location of the available consultants for Course Tutoring, Hypermedia Tutoring, Supplemental Instructions, and Writing Tutoring.
Sessions are held in various locations throughout the Jack K. Williams Library. Mose over session time slots to view location details.