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Foundational Sciences

The Foundational Sciences Department is committed to the success of all the students at Texas A&M University at Galveston. We offer courses in chemistry, physics, mathematics, and statistics, many of which are taken by first and second year students. Our department is founded in the belief that these courses often set the bar for a student’s ability to progress through their chosen degree plan.  Our goal is to challenge all of our students in order for them to be successful in the fields they choose. The faculty of FSCI is engaged with our students, our colleagues, and the university as a whole to offer academically excellent and pedagogically innovative classes.


Liberal Studies

The Department of Liberal Studies is uniquely poised to offer our students a wide array of degrees rooted in the rich maritime tradition that embrace the humanities and social sciences.  Our students are fully engaged in an interdisciplinary curriculum that promote critical skills in oral and written communication, public policy research, and critical thinking that serve the maritime industry.


Marine Biology

The Marine Biology Department takes pride in our renowned programs and top quality professors.  Given our location along Galveston Bay, we couple intensive classroom learning with endless hands-on learning opportunities.  We offer undergraduate degrees in both marine biology and marine fisheries, along with graduate degrees in marine biology.  Our research is of the highest order and allows our students to pursue various projects, internships, graduate options, and careers in a wide array of fields.  The marine biology program also offers a License Option, which includes the necessary training for the Third Mate deck officer license as conducted by the Texas A&M Maritime Academy.


Marine Engineering Technology

The Marine Engineering Technology Department provides an interdisciplinary applied engineering education in thermal sciences, naval architecture, and mechanical and electrical engineering. The engineering principles of the classroom are paired with extensive practical training in laboratories and aboard the University’s training ship in order to give a complete education. Graduates are prepared for careers related to design, management, and operations in the marine engineering sector. Our program also provides a License Option which enables Texas A&M Maritime Academy cadets to earn their Merchant Mariner Credential and serve as an engineering officer aboard seagoing vessels.


Marine Sciences

The Department of Marine Sciences provides high quality undergraduate and graduate education and research in the physical sciences, coastal management, and policy decision-making of the coastal and marine environment. With a strong interdisciplinary focus, we provide extraordinary learning opportunities for students through “hands-on” and “on the water” field and laboratory research as well as internships that give our students a competitive advantage for employment after graduation.


Maritime Administration

The Maritime Administration Department prepares graduates for management and leadership positions in maritime business and related fields. Enhanced by top-tiered applied research and service in the maritime industry, students have opportunities for high impact learning, scholarships, internships, and excellent job placement.  We offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Maritime Administration and a Master of Maritime Administration and Logistics, with each focusing on the industry of shipping and port management. The graduate program is available fully online or in-residence. An in-residence license option is also available where students receive a United States Coast Guard third mates’ license with their degree.


Maritime Transportation

The Department of Maritime Transportation provides students with a sound academic foundation combined with cutting-edge maritime training in order to produce USCG licensed officers for the United States maritime industry.  Particular emphasis is placed on the management of Marine Transportation, including all of its scientific and technical aspects. The entire program is geared to suit the needs of the growing, dynamic, and global maritime industry, where graduates can expect to find employment in either ocean-going or shoreside positions.  Marine Transportation majors are required to enroll in the Corps of Cadets and to remain enrolled through the time of graduation.


Ocean Engineering

The Department of Ocean Engineering offers students the unique opportunity of being able to learn ocean engineering whilst within walking distance from the water.  The product of a merger between programs in College Station and Galveston, we offer the best of both campuses.  Each of the undergraduate programs is ABET-accredited in Ocean Engineering and effectively synthesizes ocean engineering, civil engineering, and naval architecture to the design of ocean systems and structure.


Texas A&M Maritime Academy

The Texas Maritime Academy is the only maritime academy located on the Gulf of Mexico.  Housed at Texas A&M University at Galveston, our students will earn both a Bachelor of Science degree from TX A&M University and the knowledge necessary to become licensed officers in the U. S. Merchant Marine.  Participation in the Corps provides students with skills in leadership, management and self-discipline.   The Deck program curriculum stresses seamanship, navigation, ship handling, cargo loading and maritime business. Our graduates are highly sought after in the exciting fields of marine transportation as licensed 3rd Mates or 3rd Assistant Engineers.


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At Texas A&M University at Galveston we offer a comprehensive array of degrees which are geared to make the most of our ideal location on the edge of the waters of the gulf of Mexico. With programs ranging from marine biology to maritime administration led by enterprising professors at the top of their fields, we’re full of the opportunities you’re seeking.



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he Texas A&M University Galveston campus is of, for and by the sea. Our island campus is the perfect setting to study both the nature and business of the sea and adjacent coastline. By supporting the campus you ensure that we continue to grow and evolve to meet the physical and technological needs of our students. Gifts from former students, corporations, foundations, parents and other friends of TAMUG in large part determine the future of this great university. We invite you to choose exactly how your gifts will advance Texas A&M University Galveston campus.