Additional Program Requirements at TAMUG    

Fall 18-19 Learning Community Program Requirements

Mandatory Events

  • Regents' Scholars Fall Orientation
    • Event Details
      • TBD
  • Spring 2019 Spring Celebration
    • Date/Time/Location: TBD

Mandatory Weekly Course

You will automatically be enrolled in the following course per requirement as a Regents' Scholar:

1819 Regents Course

  • Syllabus/Calendar given first day of class

Your presence is required at each Regents' Scholars Learning Community session, but waivers will be given to students who have credit-bearing courses during the sessions. Contact Ms. Anna Budvitis if you need a waiver:

Regents' Scholars Agreement

Waiver of Attendance

The waiver will be provided during class. If you need a copy at an earlier time and/or need an extra copy for future use, please contact Ms. Anna Budvitis at

Waivers will only be granted to students that have credit-bearing courses during learning community sessions and other planned activities, or excused absences as defined by the university. Please provide supporting documentation, such as a current class schedule, along with your waiver.