GSSLW Logistics

The Gender and Sexuality Student Leadership Weekend staff and advisors are excited about the upcoming events! We would like to share a bit about the campus, and our city of Galveston.

Location Information

The ever-expanding campus of Texas A&M University of Galveston is conveniently located right off of the coast of Texas. We pride ourselves in our proximity to the ocean which presents a spectacular view from the conference center.

The GSSLW conference will be held in our brand-new facility, MAIN. This building is located at the front of campus, and is truly spectacular. We hope you will take part in the campus tours throughout the weekend to truly take in our unique campus.

Parking Information

Visitors to the Texas A&M University Galveston campus are always welcome. Auxiliary Services has provided parking accommodations for visitors in locations shown on the paid visitor parking map (see link below). The fees for parking in these areas is posted at the entrance to each parking Lot.

Hotel Information

Check out all Galveston has to offer at!


Galveston captivates visitors that come to call with her natural beauty, eccentric charm and traditional Texas-style Hospitality – because Galveston is genteel, gracious and captivating. Galveston is the beautifully preserved hidden treasure of the Lone Star State. Come unlock the history, romance and beauty that lies within. Explore every nook and cranny because you are her guest and Galveston loves sharing her treasures with you.

Whether you prefer to stroll down quaint alleyways by foot or trot through the streets in a carriage, all paths lead visitors on an unforgettable journey back in time. You'll be entertained and enlightened by knowledgeable guides giving tours on foot, by carriage, by van – even by boat!

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