Tuberculosis Screening

Texas A&M University defines an international student to be any student who is not a U.S. Citizen or a U.S. Lawful Permanent Resident. If you are not a US Citizen or a Permanent Resident, you have to take be screened for tuberculosis (TB). Please view the form to see if you are from a country where the TB Screening is waived.

It is highly recommended that you submit your lab results of your TB Screening before your New Student Conference (NSC) (  to ensure your registration hold is removed prior to course registration during the second day of your NSC (for undergraduate students). 

After receiving your lab results, you may contact Mr. Danny Roe ( )for him to submit your documents to TAMUs Student Health Services (SHS) OR you may email your scanned documents to SHS at 

As an international student will need to take a T-Spot test or Quantiferon Gold Blood test for your Tuberculosis Screening (also known as IGRA - Interferon-Gamma Release Assays). This is NOT the tuberculosis skin test. Please see the form below to find out more information and requirements.

If you go to a local doctor in your home country, you need to ask for a T-Spot/Quantiferon test and bring the completed form (submission requirements are the Tuberculosis Screening Form and a copy of the blood test results (lab report) in English) with results to Mr. Danny Roe during your ISS Check-In. If you obtain the results before your ISS Check-In, please email Mr. Roe the completed form and your results.  Mr. Roe will scan and send the documents to Student Health Services (SHS) at College Station for them to remove your TB hold. This is a registration hold, which will keep you from registering for classes until the hold has been released. Please inform Mr. Roe if you are from one of the countries where the TB Screening is waived (form attached). You may also be waived from this requirement if you are a US Citizen or a Permanent Resident. SHS STRONGLY encourages you to take the T-Spot/Quantiferon test in your home country since it is at a greater expense and time in the USA. Texas A&M's Student Health Insurance does not cover the costs associated with this screening (i.e. lab work).

If you are in the Galveston area or if TB Screenings are unavailable in your home country, you can make an appointment with UTMB Health Primary Care Pavilion or at Galveston County Health District.


Phone number: 409-772-2166.

Location: 400 Harborside Drive, Suite 104/124.

Please inform the receptionist that you are a Texas A&M international student needing tuberculosis lab work and you do not have student health insurance because you have not registered for courses. Bring your Student ID Card with you along with the TB form (below). Parking is at the front of the building and your parking ticket will be validated (free). You are responsible for making your own appointment and providing your own transportation to the hospital. This test is not covered by student health insurance and will be at cost to the student.

Galveston County Health District:

This is a free service provided by the Galveston County District. It is only available for newly arrived international students (within 6 months arrival to the U.S.A.). Please view the document (below) for details. Students are responsible for making their own appointment and providing  transportation. The Galveston County Health District also provides treatment for those who test positive for TB.

Additional Information

If your lab test is positive, Student Health Services (SHS) is required by law to ask for further testing. You will be required to see a doctor and provide SHS with a copy of a chest x-ray and any other lab work. Furthermore, you will need a letter from your doctor stating that TB counseling has occurred and what medication, if any, you have been requested to take to treat your tuberculosis. X-rays are not accepted from outside of the U.S.A.. They MUST be done in a U.S.A. hospital. In conclusion, if your TB lab test is positive, the hold will be removed once SHS has received a copy of your x-ray (or an x-ray report) and a doctor’s note regarding their recommendations for care for latent tuberculosis. 

For more information regarding TB Screening:

TAMUG Student Health Services:

Tuberculosis Screening Form (PDF)

Galveston County Health District Form (PDF)