Members of the A+ Living Learning Community are students committed to respect, learning, & understanding for all students’ identities. Community engagement is a key factor of the LLC with guest speakers, movie nights, programs centered on inclusion & more. This community offers gender inclusive housing options where students will be able to live in an environment in which they are most comfortable, while providing a safe & inclusive experience for all community members. Personal development & exploration is the purest goal of this program. We seek to provide an environment where all students feel safe to live, learn, & develop themselves. If you are interested in exploring the Gender Inclusive A+ LLC, please submit your application; we will email you with further info. Applications are accepted until housing assignments are made. If you have questions regarding LGBTQ campus life or resources, please contact the Office of Student Diversity Initiatives through Mr. Danny Roe, roed@tamug.edu.

Ally Plus Experience Will Provide:

  • Safe housing for students regarless of their identities by providing inclusive programming to help guide students through identity development of themselves and others.