Aggies United

Aggies United is a council comprised of TAMUG students, staff, and faculty who recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion on our campus and acknowledge that diversity is not the inclusion of some campus community members at the exclusion of others. Instead, Aggies United recognizes the broad spectrum of identities represented on campus and seeks to encourage dialogue across the range of the campus' existing organizations and its individual community members. Every member of the TAMUG community is welcome to participate in the pursuit of Aggies United's goals and objectives.


Aggies United seeks to:
1) Encourage campus-wide awareness of diversity and inclusion that fully explores the myriad nuances that diversity entails;
2) Foster open and honest communication between a range of campus stakeholders about diversity and inclusion's role in sustaining civility;
3) Emphasize diversity and inclusion's significance in advancing TAMUG's core values of excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect and selfless service;
4) Provide a safe space for students, staff, and faculty to discuss issues and experiences related to diversity and inclusion, and;
5) Plan and implement programs and dialogues to enhance diversity and inclusion on campus. These projects will include programs sponsored by Aggies United alone as well as those in partnership with existing university and student organizations and committees.


Aggies United intends to explore different avenues of education, training, interaction, and other means that more fully dissect, disseminate and support the many attributes associated with diversity in order to encourage and build a culture of civility on campus. Perception and misperception are the most significant aspects of diversity, consequently, Aggies United seeks to positively enhance our perceptions of one another. When words and actions are not inclusive and do not consider the full range of identities and perspectives on campus, all of us are diminished.