About the Lab    

The primary research expertise for the lab lies in the area of marine bioacoustics. We develop and use new, non-lethal acoustic methods and technologies to promote a better understanding of highly exploited and endangered marine species. We are interested in noise and the effects anthropogenic noise has on marine life. We use acoustic tools to answer population-level questions relevant to the management of animal resources.

In our research we have collected underwater acoustic recordings worldwide, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean, and from Antarctica to the Mediterranean. Scroll below for some fun underwater sounds.

Underwater sounds    


Antarctic blue whale:

NE Pacific blue whale:

NE Pacific Bryde's whale:

Humpback whale:

Pacific minke whale boing:

Atlantic minke whale pulse train:



Nassau grouper:

Redhind grouper:

"Jetski" - Atlantic midshipman?:

 Unknown fish downsweeps:

Unidentified sound:

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