Advising Council    

The TAMUG Advising Council is comprised of representatives from each academic department and other key partners across campus. The central goals of the Advising Council are the fostering of cross-campus collaboration and the minimizing of inconsistencies in advising. Through monthly meetings and supporting initiatives and events, the Advising Council aims to strengthen our campus's advising for the good of advisors and students alike.


All advisors are welcome to attend Advising Council meetings on the third Thursday of each month from 11am-1pm; contact for location information.

Who We Are      

Lisa Stewart, MSEd (Chair)
Seibel Learning Center
(409) 741-4351

Rachel Ball
Marine Biology & Marine Sciences
(409) 740-4531

Lowell Boudreaux, MA
Maritime Business Administration
(409) 740-4942

Brandon Chapman, MA
Seibel Learning Center
(409) 741-4341

Dr. Jhenny Galan
Foundational Sciences
(409) 741-4326

Dr. Jenna Lamphere
Liberal Studies
(409) 740-4758

Krista McBrien, MA
Seibel Learning Center
(409) 741-4353

Frank Pedersen
Marine Engineering Technology
(409) 740-4447

Holly Richards, MEd
Graduate Studies
(409) 740-4957

Laura Toungate
Seibel Learning Center
(409) 741-4346

Amanda Yanas
Seibel Learning Center
(409) 741-4352

Marishika Wright, MEd
Campus Living & Learning
(409) 740-4844

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