Re-Admission Applicants

Any former Texas A&M University or Texas A&M University at Galveston student who has not completed their degree program but has been away from the university for one or more semesters might qualify as a readmit student. The application can be found at

If the student has attended any other institutions since last enrolled at Texas A&M University at Galveston or Texas A&M University, then an official transcript from each institution attended should be submitted at the time of reapplication. Third party college transcripts may be submitted to Texas A&M University via eSCRIP-SAFE, AVOW, and National Student Clearinghouse

Decisions for readmission are based on the following:

  • GPR on Texas A&M and/or Texas A&M Galveston coursework;
  • GPR on coursework since leaving A&M;
  • desired major;
  • and information presented in the application.

Readmission to the University does not constitute readmission to the U.S. Maritime Service Corp of Midshipmen. Students returning to the University who wish to enter or reenter the Corps of Midshipmen as a license-option student must apply for admission to the Corps of Cadets through the Superintendent's Office.

Re-Admission Applicants Must Submit:

  2. ESSAY
    Topic A - required
    PREFERRED > submit through ApplyTexas
    OTHER METHOD: upload through the Applicant Information System (AIS)
    Emailed copies will NOT be accepted.
  3. $75 PROCESSING FEE (nonrefundable/subject to change)
    PREFERRED > pay through ApplyTexas
    • check by mail

    • Checking the Fee Waiver box on the application is not sufficient.
    • Documentation of need from a financial aid advisor is required. 
    PREFERRED > upload in AIS
    OTHER METHOD: mail
    Emailed copies will NOT be accepted.
  4. OFFICIAL COLLEGE TRANSCRIPT(s) from ALL schools attended since leaving Texas A&M University and/or Texas A&M University at Galveston.
    • Coursework from one college posted on the transcript of another is not acceptable.
    • Paper transcripts must be mailed in a sealed school envelope.
    • Faxed, scanned, photocopied or emailed copies are not acceptable.
    PREFERRED > electronic transcripts sent by SPEEDE
    • mail
    • electronic transcripts sent by eSCRIP-SAFE, AVOW, and National Student Clearinghouse