Council of Built Environment    

Space Allocation Process

The Galveston Campus of Texas A&M University will use a transparent process of evaluation for any request of new space; construction, demolition, remodeling and renovation of existing space; request for art or campus features; and reallocation of space within units. Requests and evaluations for space allocation can be done under the following guiding principles:

  • The need should align with strategic and aspirational goals (e.g., Research Scholarship, Teaching, and Program Development)
  • Specific areas of performance that are aligned with strategic and aspirational goals will be heavily weighted in space allocation decisions (e.g., grants and contract activity, recruitment and retention of historically under-represented students, development and implementation of high impact and technology-mediated instructional activities, types of degree managed, mentorship of graduate students with appropriate time to degree)
  • Any costs associated with a request approved by the Council for the Built Environment will be the responsibility of the requesting unit or department.

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Process for Selecting a Classroom to Renovate

Every year one classroom is selected to be renovated, with the goal to improve the learning and teaching experience for the students and faculty.  The link below outlines process that has been developed to select the classroom that has the highest need.  Historically the budget for these projects have been $35K per year.

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