Event Safety    

Event Safety Guidance

The TAMUG office of Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) works with TAMUG faculty, staff and students to help ensure that special events on campus are run safely.  All campus events involving the public (i.e. anyone who is not a Student/Faculty/Staff) must be registered through TAMUG EVENTS. EH&S personnel will work with you to review events for items such as:

EH&S will determine if EH&S professional staffing is required at campus events and will assign personnel as needed.

  • EH&S staffing requirements
  • Locations and occupancy limitations
  • Event layout, setup and egress
  • Activities and decorations

EH&S staff regularly check on campus events.  On duty EH&S staff may stop by your event to check on setup, occupancy and other safety issues.  They may ask for your assistance in resolving any problems they identify.  Please work with them to ensure that your event happens safely.  If you have a safety related question or concern during your event you can contact the on duty EH&S staff member by calling TAMUG Police at (409) 740-4545. 


Immediately prior to the start of any event in a venue holding more than 49 people, an announcement must be made to notify occupants of the location of exits to be used in the case of a fire or other emergency and advising occupants that if the fire alarm sounds they must evacuate from the building.  Suggested announcements wording is:

May I have your attention please?  Please note that emergency exits are located (...announce / point out specific location for this venue...).  In the event of an emergency or fire alarm, please proceed quickly and calmly out the nearest emergency exit.

In the event of a fire alarm or emergency that requires evacuation, the event must stop and the ushers and event staff should assist people in exiting from the building.  Evacuation is always the priority in a fire situation. 

In any emergency, call 911 for assistance.  Be sure to provide information about the location, type and severity of the problem.  Event staff should be sent to meet emergency responders and to take them to the problem.