Health Services    

General Information

Student Health Services are provided  in person or via telemedicine by:

UTMB Family Medicine Clinic
Primary Care Pavillion
400 Harborside Drive
(409) 772-2166
Hours: 9am to 4pm Monday-Friday, except holidays


Students should take their student ID and private insurance information.

  • Be prepared to inform the clinic staff you are a Texas A&M University at Galveston student.
  • Appointments should be made in advance for physicals or other non-urgent services requiring extended testing or provider time.
  • Students may utilize the UTMB 24/7 Nurse hotline 409-772-2222 when the clinic is closed to speak to a nurse who will provide advice and recommendations regarding appropriate access to care.

The Office of Student Counseling serves as the liaison between TAMUG and UTMB for Student Health Services. Any requests for more information or questions should be directed to:

Office of Student Counseling
Seibel Student Services Center, Suite 104
(409) 740-4736


Student Health Fees provide coverage only for the office visit. Students will not be billed for the clinic visit. However, any charges incurred during visit (X-rays, lab work, immunizations, prescriptions, etc) will be billed to the student or student's insurance if provided to UTMB Family Medicine clinic staff, Texas A&M University at Galveston will not be responsible for any extra charges. Students who have commercial health insurance with a deductible may have the clinic visit billed toward the deductible.

The Emergency Room should be used if medical care is required during hours or days when the Family Medicine clinic is closed. The student is completely responsible for any and all charges from the Emergency Room.

The following are not included in the student health fee and students ARE RESPONSIBLE for payment for the following:

  1. Ancillary services such as laboratory and radiology studies
  2. Any chargeable supplies or durable medical equipment
  3. Any medication given that generates a UTMB pharmacy charge
  4. Prescription medication filled at outside pharmacies
  5. Referrals to specialists, or for physical therapy
  6. Emergency Room and Hospital in-patient costs
  7. Any services not listed above

Services NOT INCLUDED under the student health fee:

  1. Routine medication refills without an exam
  2. Care for complex, ongoing medical problems such as diabetes, hypertension or other chronic diseases. Urgent Care may make referrals to primary care physicians or specialists for the student for chronic problems; however, the student is responsible for the cost of that care.
  3. Evaluation and treatment for cases of assault (sexual or otherwise). These will be referred to the Emergency Department at UTMB. In the case of a rape, the Galveston Police Department will pay for the cost of a rape kit. The Galveston District Attorney’s Office should be contacted regarding victim’s compensation. If the victim has personal insurance, their insurance will be billed for covered costs, other than the rape kit in the Emergency Department. If the victim has no insurance, the Galveston District Attorney’s Office should be contacted for further assistance regarding cases of assault. The UTMB Emergency Room has social workers on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Periods of Coverage

Services will be provided for pre-cruise (generally the week prior to cruise departure); new student orientation week in August (generally the week prior to the first day of fall classes); as well as normal enrollment periods. Student must be enrolled in order for coverage to be provided for that semester. Services will not include other breaks such as: breaks in-between semesters (unless student is enrolled in intersession classes).

Health Insurance

Student insurance policies are available through the Texas A&M University System. Policy information can be obtained in the Office of Student Counseling or on the website

Additional Information

Summer Cruise Student Medical Care:

  • Medical staff is available on board the ship for student use
  • Prescription medications must be obtained prior to sailing and be turned into the ship clinic for dispersal by staff
  • Injuries or illness requiring treatment ashore or evacuation at a cost to the University will be billed to the student.

Emergency Response on Campus:

  • Campus Police during duty hours: 409-740-4545
  • Police Cell Phone after hours: 409-771-5185
  • City emergency: 911

Emergency Room:

  • The Emergency Room is located at UTMB (9th Street and Harborside Drive)
  • Students should bring any insurance cards or verification
  • The student is completely responsible for any and all charges from the Emergency Room, but the
  • Emergency Room should be used if emergency medical care is required during hours or days when the Urgent Care at Family Medicine is closed

International Students

Must provide proof of health insurance including medical evacuation and repatriation insurance.

Meningitis Information

Bacterial Meningitis Information

Immunization Requirements