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Coastal Geospatial Lab    

Coastal Geospatial Lab

The Coastal Geo-Spatial Laboratory has now been established at the Texas A&M University-Galveston campus. The Lab is meant to facilitate interdisciplinary work on the marine and coastal environment, support the growing interest in spatial analysis, and spark future innovation in understanding coastal/marine problems.

The Lab is open to anyone working on a project that involves the analysis of spatial (e.g. GIS) data. It will also support existing research initiatives, including the Center for Texas Beaches and Shores and the Institute for Sustainable Coastal Communities. 

The Lab consists of four stand-alone work stations with Geographic Information Systems and other spatial analytical software, plus an area where small groups can work together.  In addition, users of the facility can access a server hosting a warehouse of spatial data, both physical and socioeconomic, on the Texas coast.

Coastal Geospatial Laboratory Rules:

  • Sign into the Coastal Geospatial Notebook with name, date, and class.
  • If you want any data to be uploaded onto the server, save to the Local folder on the Desktop and it will be periodically uploaded.
  • Instructions for how to connect to the Coastal Atlas Dataserver are located on each desk.


Dr. Wesley Highfield

Dr. Samuel Brody

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