Center for Marine Training and Safety (CMTS)
CMTS Course Approval Procedures

This page has been developed for use by instructors or departments that are interested in offering Adult Professional Continuing Education courses to non-matriculated students.  This process does not support the instruction of currently enrolled TAMUG students. 

Determine from the Business Manager of CMTS if your course currently exists within the CMTS database.

If your course does not exist, and requires USCG Approval, please click here.

If your course does not exist, and does NOT requires USCG Approval, please click here.

If your course exists, please click here.

If Your Course Does Exist

The instructor needs to send an email to the Business Manager of CMTS, Morgan Mills ( and notify him of what course you would like to teach and what date and times the course will be offered. Allow five (5) business days to set this up.  We will then do the following:

  • Complete an Excess of 100% form and memo to route to the Dean of Faculties;
  • Update the course dates in Marketplace (this is the registration software that the participants will use);
  • A link to the course will be sent to the instructor for course registrations;
  • Once a registration has been received, CMTS will create a student file to include -(this is what the file will include for CG approved courses):
    • Class Roster
    • Participant Information Form
    • Competition Certificate
    • Proof of registration/payment
    • Course/Instructor Evaluation
    • TAMUG Talent Release Form
    • Test Questions
    • Liability Waiver
  • Create an Outlook invite to be sent to CMTS staff and the instructor of the course which will contain proof of registration of the participant.
  • Email Pat Hebert and request a link for a parking pass to be printed out by the student before arrival and displayed on their dash. Pat will need to know the date, how many passes needed, and an account number to IDT the parking fee. If there are multiple students for multiple days on campus we will request a parking code to be used in the pay stations on campus instead of passes. To request a pay station code we will need to give at least 24-48 hours’ notice.
  • Send instructions to the student to include (CMTS has an example of what this looks like):
    • Confirmation of their registration;
    • Materials to bring;
    • Where to go on campus, including parking instructions.
  • A file for each course should be created including:
    • Class Roster
    • Instructor Payroll Approval
      • Dean of Faculties Memo
      • Excess of 100% Form

If you would like to see an example of a course which has these materials, please make an appointment with the Business Manager of CMTS. 

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