Tips for Event Planning    

Start Early: Event planning takes more time than you would think and, in some cases, permissions are required from College Station and have long lead times. You should start thinking about your event at least a few months in advance and, in some cases, a full year in advance. The more logistics an event involves, the more time that should be allotted for planning and approvals.

An TAMUG Affiliated Events Portal Registration Form should be submitted as soon as approval is granted by the appropriate department or administrative unit head.  Event Forms for small events should be submitted at least ten (10) business days in advance of your event. Events requiring a contract for services or rentals should have an TAMUG Affiliated Events Portal Registration Form submitted at least thirty (30) business days in advance of your event to meet Contract Administration deadlines.  Events involving programs for minors should allow a minimum of three (3) months to allow for all required reviews and approvals to be received through College Station.

Plan Ahead: Know the basics of your event before seeking department or administrative unit head approval, contacting anyone about reservations, event forms, or other arrangements.

Make Proper Arrangements: Documenting the appropriate department or administrative unit head’s approval on the TAMUG Affiliated Events Portal Department/Administrative Unit Head Approval to Sponsor Event form is step one, followed by the submission of the TAMUG Affiliated Events Portal Registration Form in accordance with the timeframes mentioned above.

Be Flexible: Have backup plans in case your first date or venue choice doesn’t work out. Sometimes you may need to change your plans to make your event work.

Ask Questions: If you need help at any point in planning, contact the relevant department providing services.

Communicate: Relay all the information, including policies, to your entire organization so every member is aware of the information. Make sure to advertise well in advance of your event.

Update: Contact the appropriate department within 24 hours if anything changes regarding your event.

Click here to view the TAMUG Event Planning Contact List