Current Building Projects    

Texas A&M Maritime Academy Hall

The Texas A&M Maritime Academy Hall was completed through a public private partnership (P3) with Hunt Development Companies.  The building opened for occupancy in November 2015 and is the first significant building constructed on the north side of Seawolf Parkway.  In addition to the building, an access road, parking, and appropriate lighting have been constructed.  While the road provides vehicular access, more direct pedestrian access is available with a pedestrian walkway on the south side that connects the building to the rest of the campus residential community. Read more about Texas A&M Maritime Academy Hall.

Academic Complex

The academic complex will be a three phase project and will be positioned to provide the fourth side of the campus quadrangle.  The complex will provide enhancements to the campus that are envisioned to include new classrooms, laboratories, a large lecture hall and a new library. Read more about Academic Complex.


The Pavilion will be located on the south side of the Oceans and Coastal Studies Building, between the building’s courtyard and the waterfront.  The building will restore valuable waterfront event space that was lost during the reconstruction of the campus marina and will include a multipurpose room that will accommodate 150 people in banquet seating and nearly 275 people in theater seating.  Unique to this new building will be its indoor/outdoor capability.  Read more about Pavilion.