Sidewalk Lighting Project    

In an effort to enhance safety and security along two common campus pedestrian routes, the campus commenced a two phase sidewalk lighting project in Summer 2016.  The first phase, completed in Summer 2016, installed sidewalk lighting along the south side of CLB, along the south side of the Library, past the Ocean and Coastal Studies Building (OCSB) and terminating at the Sea Aggie Center (SAGC).  The second phase, scheduled to begin in Summer 2017, will install sidewalk lighting from Kirkham Hall to the dock as well as in front of the Student Support Building (3025) to the west entrance of OCSB.

The campus will continue to monitor the campus for areas that require additional lighting and schedule any identified work as needed.

2016 – Sidewalk Lighting, Phase 1

2017 – Sidewalk Lighting, Phase 2