Reduce Redundancy

Reduce  Redundancy


Paired synonyms


                           fitting and proper

                           enthusiastic and energetic

                           honest and true


Redundant word combinations


                           young child

                           new baby

                           bald headed   

                           advance reservation

                           past history


Don’t state the obvious  (empty words)


                           The month of May

                           The state of Texas

                            I think (I know you think it-you wrote it!)

                            I believe (I know you believe it, you wrote it)


Writer’s tip:

You can eliminate almost any word that ends in -ly.  Words that end in -ly rarely add useful information.  Describing someone as “stumbling awkwardly” or “moseying slowly” does not add information, since a person cannot stumble in any fashion other than awkwardly, and he or she cannot mosey rapidly.  For professional and technical writing, use words that end in -ly sparingly