Forms And Procedures

Welcome to the TAMUG Waterfront Operations Department Vessel Forms and Procedures Portal.  This web portal is your online resource for requesting a vessel, filing a float plan and other miscellaneous forms, reports and information.  In order to request a vessel please fill out the online request a vessel form.  You will be contacted by Waterfront Operations to confirm the request, please make sure to fill out all fields with as much information as possible.  For assistance with the forms and reports please contact Waterfront Operations at extension 4490 or 409-740-4490 or email

Request a Vessel

File Float Plan

Complete your liablity release form
Request an Adverse Weather Sanction
Request a Safety Inspection of a non-TAMUG owned vessel
File a Maintenance Discrepancy Report
Report Hazardous Conditions
Vessel Log Page

Operation and Safety Manual
OSP Appendix
Appendix I Standards of Maintainence and Inspection for Subchapter T boats
Dinghy Sailing Operations Procedures
Keelboat Sailing Operations Procedures
Hurricane and Emergency Procedures
Vessel Maintainence Cost Recovery Rates

Incident Reporting Forms
Download the United States Coast Guard Accident Report
Download the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Accident Report
TAMUG Vessel Operator Training and Certification Procedures
Operator Training Synopsis
TAMUG Training Procedures
Vessel Previous Experience Questionnaire
Operator Training Checklist
Vessel Operators