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STEGG2: Agenda of Oral Presentations for June 2, 2017

8:30 am   Breakfast
9:15 am   Opening remarks
9:30 am   Kim Worley (Baylor College of Medicine)     
      "Rambouillet Sheep Genome Resources"
9:50 am   Wesley Brashear (TAMU)
     "Y chromosome evolution in Felidae: contrasting patterns of retention and differentiation of an ancestral MSY"
10:10 am   Shuo Zhang (University of Houston)
      "Evolution of Transposable Element Repression"
10:30 am   Coffee break
11:00 am   James Cai (TAMU)
      "Revealing the impact of rare variation on gene expression via multivariate outlier detection"
11:20 am   Stephen Richards (Baylor College of Medicine)
      "Evolutionary Innovation in the Genomes of the Phylum Arthropoda"
11:40 am   Jason Tarkington (University of Houston)
     "The Role of Phenotypic Assortment and Sex in Tetrahymena Adaptation and Evolution"
12:00 pm   Lunch and Poster Session
2:00 pm   Meyers, Jacob (TAMU)
      "Genomic analysis of behavioral resistance in Anopheles coluzzii points towards flight activity as the underlying mechanism"
2:20 pm   Jessica Labonté (TAMUG)
      "Single cell genomics-based analysis of prophages in a diffuse-flow deep-sea hydrothermal system"
2:40 pm   Martha Villagrán (University of Houston)
     "Electron Holes Affect Sequence-Specific Mutation Rates in DNA"
3:00 pm   Isabel Caballero (TAMU)
     "Inferring population structure in blue crabs using ddRAD sequencing data"
3:20 pm   Coffee Break
3:40 pm   Tomasz E. Koralewski (TAMU)
     "Parallel evolution in chloroplast genes in C4 plants"
4:00 pm   Xian Fan (Rice University)
     "Detection of Large Structural Variations by Optical Maps"
4:20 pm   Erin Kelleher (University of Houston)
     "A tale of two conflicts: Male segregation distorter chromosomes enhance female infertility caused by P-element DNA transposons"
4:40 pm   Closing remarks & Awards
5:00 pm   Happy hour: finger food and beverages

STEGG2: Agenda of Poster Presentations for June 2, 2017

  1. Phylogenetic diversity of the genus 'Barbus' (cyprinidae) in the Lake Victoria drainage system in Kenya
    Violet Ndeda, Dr. Mariana Mateos and Dr. Luis Hurtado
    Texas A&M University

  2. Assessing population genetic structure and gene flow patterns between farm populations of anticoagulant resistant Rattus norvegicus .
    Sreyasi Biswas, Michael Kohn
    Rice University

  3. Functional Divergence Among Adaptively Evolving TE Regulators in Drosophila
    Luyang Wang, Erin S. Kelleher, Daniel A. Barbash,
    University of Houston

  4. Population Structure of Gulf Killifish (Fundulus grandis) Along the Northern Gulf of Mexico Coast Using Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing
    Janelle Espinoza, Jaime R Alvarado-Bremer.
    Texas A&M University at Galveston

  5. Diversity and evolution of RNA and ssDNA viruses in a wastewater treatment plant
    Jessica Labonté, Carlianne D. Hagye, Cameron D. Jackson
    Texas A&M University at Galveston

  6. Assessing population genetic structure and gene flow patterns between farm populations of warfarin resistant Rattus norvegicus .
    Sreyasi Biswas
    Rice University

  7. Dynamics of Muller's Ratchet for Doomed Populations Using Branching Processes
    Logan Chipkin, Ricardo Azevedo, Peter Olofsson
    University of Houston

  8. Exploring the Relationship between Epistasis and Adaptation
    Kedar Karkare, Tim Cooper
    University of Houston

  9. Better than Sex? The Evolutionary Causes and Consequences of Successful Asexuality in Tetrahymena ciliate
    Hao Zhang, Joe West, Rebecca A. Zufall and Ricardo B.R. Azevedo
    University of Houston

  10. Microsatellite Discovery in the Common Shovelnose Ray (Glaucostegus typus) using Massive Parallel Sequencing Data
    Brianna Ladd, Jaime Alvarado-Bremer
    Texas A&M University at Galveston

  11. Using Metabarcoding Approaches to Assess Meiofaunal Communities of the Laurentian Great
    Marissa Hajduk, Anja Schulze
    Texas A&M University at Galveston

  12. Satellite repeats are associated with host tolerance of an active TE
    Jyoti Lama, Erin Kelleher
    University of Houston

  13. The Effect of temperature on the regulation of genes in the housefly sex determination pathway
    Jaweria Jaweria, Jae Hak Son, Richard Meisel
    University of Houston

  14. Microbiome analysis of raw fish ceviche using a metagenomic approach
    Humberto Martinez Montoya, Cristina De la Cruz-Cordova, Regulo Ruiz Salazar, Guadalupe C. Rodriguez-Castillejos, Adriana L. Perales-Torres, Octelina Castillo-Ruiz
    Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas

  15. Development of population markers in Fundulus grandis based on Bioinformatics of Massive Parallel Sequencing Data
    Giovanni Madrigal, G. Janelle Espinoza, Jaime R. Alvarado
    Texas A&M University at Galveston

  16. Whole genome sequence analysis of demographic history across 12 species of Old World monkeys
    Jeffrey Rogers, Harris, R.A., M. Raveendran, Y. Liu, S. Murali, G. Silvestri, A. Burrell, T. Disotell, R.A. Gibbs, K. Worley and J. Rogers
    Baylor College of Medicine

  17. Genome wide association of host tolerance of an invading transposable element
    WenpeiTang Jaweria Jaweria, Uche Akoma, Lily Ortega and Erin Kelleher
    University of Houston



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