Employee of the Quarter- First Quarter 2018

Alex Crouse

From Left to Right:
Alex Crouse, Patrick Louchouarn

TAMUG Staff Council announces the 1st Employee of the Quarter for fiscal year 2018.  Alex Crouse, Assistant Director in the Resident Life Department, has won the Employee of the Quarter award.  Alex was nominated by Buzz Refugio, Jack Dougherty, and Joe-Nathan Timmons.

"What can be said about Alex that hasn’t already been said by everyone around campus? He is loved by many, and for many good reasons. He is dependable, hard-working, student are always at the top of his priority list, and he never turns down helping someone in need. He not only consistently has ideas to better our relationship with residents, fellow departments, and within our own department, he acts on them and creates a truly inclusive and efficient working environment. Alex understands the value of community in the residential halls and within the workplace." – Joe-Nathan Timmons

Congratulations Alex!