FY2011 Employee of the Year



Traci Morris
Business Coordinator III



Comment Submitted:

Traci is a real gem!  She is friendly, helpful and quick to laugh. Who could ask for anything more in an employee?  Every time I seek her help she is ready and willing to do whatever is asked. She is a bright, smiling face in an office that sees visitors of all levels and she treats each with the same level of respect and courtesy! In our daily grind, it is often people like Traci, the quieter, less-assuming, who are overlooked and yet she is diligently working to make the VP’s office run as smoothly as it does. Traci definitely deserves recognition.


Additional comments:

It is coworkers that you spend most of your precious moments with. They are the ones that witness your success or your failure. They are the ones that you usually find friendship with at the office.  It is a pleasure to support the nomination of my friend and coworker, Traci Morris.  Traci has been instrumental in keeping our financial information straight; our inventory located, and keeps our office humor in tack. Thank you, Traci, for everything that you do for the administrative office.