Employee of the Month NOV 2012




Employee of the Month

November 2012


Matthew Graham
Student Development Specialist II

Residential Services


Comment Submitted:


Matthew Graham has long been one of the hardest working, solid and trustworthy employees of the University I have ever known.  As a live-on professional, it’s hard to imagine anyone spending more time and putting in more hours than him.  Often sacrificing whole weekends at a time, he is here to ensure the TAMUG has a staff presence on campus constantly.  But the most impressive thing about Matt is his constant good cheer and good nature.  His enthusiasm for his job is effusive.


Additional comments: (Neil Golemo)

 I fully support this nomination.  Matthew is a dedicated worker who puts in whatever time is necessary to get the job done.  His meticulous attention to the billing process has resulted in a much more efficient and effective billing process in Residence Life.


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