Employee of Month June 2013

June2013 Michael Rios


Employee of the Month

June 2013

 Mike Rios

Food Service Worker

Dining Services


Comment Submitted
Mike has proven to be a true asset to our dining service department.  Since Mr. Rios started he has really grown in his position as our morning attendant.  He has taken pride in performing his duties. Mike takes ownership of the dish room during his shift.  He also assists in training our student workers, makes good suggestions on a regular basis and is friendly to customers and coworkers.  Mike wears a smile on his face and never lets anything get him down, even when the dish room gets backed up.  It really brightens my day to be able to work with Mr. Rios. (Lisa Webb)


 Additional comments:
Mike Rios is someone that comes into work and gets to what needs to happen.  He needs little guidance, direction and supervision.  Mike may have a position of responsibility within the department but he continually looks to what else needs attention and does it without being told.  It has been a pleasure working with Mike Rios and he is deserving of this recognition.  (Gayle Aungst)


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