Employee of the Month July 2013




Employee of the Month

July 2013

 Rachel Windham

Technical Assistant I

Marine Biology


Comment Submitted:
Rachel is hard working, friendly and always a pleasure to be around.  She is a woman of many talents, from conducting field work to identifying phytoplankton to being MARB’s honorary artist.  Her talent never ceases to amaze me.  She is always willing to lend a hand on anyone’s project and does so with a smile.  I feel that she is a great addition to the department and should be recognized for her service to the University and I am proud to have her as a lab-mate. (Tyra Booe)

Additional comments:
Rachel is an awesome employee.  She works hard and diligently on each task assigned to her.  She is proactive in her settings, figuring things out or helping people as needs arise.  Rachel works well with everyone, whether they be an undergraduate student worker or volunteer or a senior faculty member needing assistance.  She helps make the workplace a better place to be. (Dr. Quigg)



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