Employee of the Month April 2013




Employee of the Month

April 2013


Christina Irons

Senior Office Associate

Marine Biology 


Comment Submitted

Christina is always ready to help anyone at any time.  She goes above and beyond.  Anytime I have a travel question, she is my “go-to” person.  And if she doesn’t know the answer, she will find it for me.  Even if she is in the middle of another project, she will stop to help anyone.  For those of us who travel, we all know Concur has been a challenge.  Christina never seems to look frustrated, but simply tries to figure it out.  She is constantly assisting us with every aspect of travel (some every time we travel)! Travel is just one of many hats she wears in the MARB dept….


 Additional comments:

I fully concur with the submitter’s comments.  Christina is very capable and goes above and beyond to insure that faculty, staff, and students receive the best possible attention and service. (John Schwartz)



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