Sargassum Loop System

Sargassum Cycle

Sargassum reaches the Texas coasts seasonally through a loop system. It originates in the Northern Mid Atlantic, and exists as a small, nutrient poor, macro algae. This Sargasso Sea is an oasis in the desert sea, and is frequented by several pelagic species, from meroplankton, to sea turtles, to tuna, to sharks, and even to whales. In the spring, it makes its way through the Caribbean Island passages, and blooms as it drifts through the shallow, nutrient-rich, neritic waters of the Caribbean Sea. As it amasses, it becomes the home to thousands of organisms that use the seaweed as a form of transport and sustenance. It then drifts North up past the Yucatan and either lands on the Texas and Mexico coast or gets flushed back out to the Atlantic through the Florida Straits and replenishes the Sargasso Sea.