Education & Outreach

Sea Turtle and University Research Education

The public plays a key role in helping sea turtle populations recover and remain healthy. The sea turtle is at the frontline of conservation efforts, with many of the species carrying an endangered or threatened status. The Texas A&M at Galveston Sea Life Factility brings learning about sea turtles and their marine environment into the lives of the general public. Rarely seen in the wild by islanders and visiting tourists, the facility offers a close look at these animals as they recover and grow stronger before their release back into the wild. Our student staff is always happy to educate visiting group or indiduals about the turtle currently residing at the facility.

Outrearch Center

Outreach Center

Our outreach center allows guests to clearly see the turtles as well as the lab's main room from viewing glass. This ensures that interaction or distracting noise is kept to a minimum for the health of the turtle. Animals in each tank that cannot be seen from the viewing glass can be seen from a monitor which features a livestreaming slideshow of all tanks in the main room.