TAMUG Wetlands Center


Located at the foot of 51st Street / Seawolf Parkway drawbridge on Pelican Island, Galveston County, TX, the TAMUG Wetlands Center and its Wetlands Pavilion was dedicated in 2004, but the property served as an outdoor wetlands and coastal ecology classroom for years prior to its official opening.  TAMUG Wetlands Center goals include;

Enrich the educational experience of undergraduate and graduate students at the university;

Expand and improve the Outreach Program;

Promote a better understanding of marine ecology;

Provide opportunities and facilities for environmental research; and

Increase awareness of social and environmental issues.

The approximately 20-acre property includes extensive salt and freshwater marshes and wetlands, coastal prairie and uplands, one-half mile of shell beach shoreline on Galveston Bay and a 4000 square-foot open air teaching pavilion with lavatory, storage and research space.  The TAMUG Wetlands Center represents an unparalleled opportunity for wetlands and coastal research and education. 


The TAMUG Wetlands Center and its pavilion are available for University classroom and their fieldwork.  Reservations for their use are identical to protocols and procedures related to classroom and laboratory use within the TAMU System managed by ASTRA Scheduling software.  The room selection is under the Galveston Campus (GV) and is its own building (WTLC, i.e. Wetlands Center).  

ASTRA Schedule is available at https://schedule.tamu.edu/Astra/Portal/GuestPortal.aspx

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly regarding availability of the premises, or use of the Wetlands Center by multiple user groups at identical meeting times.  For example, it is possible for Marine Ecology to use the property’s shoreline for predatory-prey fieldwork, Wetlands Ecology to conduct wetlands delineations in the property’s Spartina salt marsh and freshwater marshes, and Ornithology to administer a coastal bird identification practical at the same time.

William Dailey - Field Trip and Wetlands Center Coordinator, daileyw@tamug.edu


LIST OF FISHES of the Wetlands Center Premises and Galveston Bay

LIST OF AMPHIBIA AND REPTILIA of the Wetlands Center Premises and Galveston Bay

LIST OF MAMMALS of the Wetlands Center Premises and Galveston Bay

LIST OF DOMINANT AND COMMON PLANTS of the Wetlands Center Premises and Galveston Bay

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