Pre-Med (TAG)

(ages 16-18)

This week-long session is designed to expose serious students to different aspects of medical sciences. Gain appreciation for a pathologist’s perspective in a virtual autopsy.  Discover the difference that doctors and therapists make in a child’s life at Shriners Hospital for Children, an innovative free hospital that provides highly specialized (orthopedic and burn) pediatric care. A very privileged tour of the Human Genome project at Baylor College of Medicine helps students realize the impact of genetic research in finding cures for many diseases. This camp is created for students with a serious passion for helping others, and a high interest in pursuing a medical career. The camp consists of lectures and private tours of real laboratories, treatment centers, and working clinics. Due to the sensitive nature of the some excursions (patients, remains, and specimens), regulations require that campers be at least 16 years old. **All Field Trips tentative pending on doctor/facility availability!

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