Coastal Photography

(ages 13-18)

 Photography for Beginners

Use your own digital camera to learn how to see and photograph scenes in color and black and white. 

Learn the best time to take black and white pictures and how to shoot stark, dramatic black and white portraits.  

 Special Effects Photography (Advanced)

Using your own digital camera, create special effects by using long exposures and alternate white balance. 

Using your own ideas and imagination, photographically illustrate a one word theme. Learn how to “see photographs” and about the ideal time of day to take pictures referred to as the "golden hour". 

Frame scenes using "the rule of thirds".  Use vellum paper to diffuse your pop-up camera flash. Use a white plastic yogurt container to soften the light from your on camera flash.  Learn how to paint with light using LED flashlights.  

  Digital Art

Campers will look closely at the relationship between art and photography with an emphasis on strong design elements, special effects and saturated color.  By using select focus, campers will produce striking art photographs from common scenes and objects.  Campers will sharpen their photographic eye and learn to "see photographs” and will take complex scenes and reduce them to their simplest form. 


Using your own digital camera, learn how to shoot photographs around Galveston for news media and magazines.  

Get your images published on websites, blogs, magazines and online news services.  Learn how to quickly and efficiently edit you own digital images. Shoot an environmental portrait aboard the USS Cavalla Submarine or USS Stewart Destroyer Escort.   Discuss images of Hurricane Ike for news content and interest. Photograph adoptable kittens and dogs at the Galveston Island Humane Society.

  Cell Phone Photography

In recent years the quality of cameras inside cell phones have become amazingly good.  Point-and-shoot cameras are very seldom used now since most everyone carries a cell phone.  With that in mind, this course is about learning photography using just the camera in your cell phone.  What that means is that with cell phones, you no longer need to learn all that technical camera stuff like aperture, shutter speed, etc., however, it still will benefit you to learn the photography stuff.  Learn how to “see photographs” and about the ideal time of day to take pictures referred to as the "golden hour". 

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