Sea Camp Costa Rica

   Costa Rica is a tropical paradise unmatched by any other Central American country. It boasts the most diverse selection of plants and animals in the hemisphere, and therefore without a doubt is the world's ecotourism capital. Join us as we travel across Costa Rica from the beautiful pacific coast to the Arenal volcano in Northern Costa Rica. We will explore the rainforest ecosystem of the famous Manuel Antonio National Park, snorkel the nearby island of Isla Ballena, study reef fish, and visit the beautiful pacific coast beaches. Our trip continues as we travel to Texas A&M's Soltis Center for Research and Education. Students will see the rainforest ecosystem of the Arenal volcano, study amphibeans and reptiles, and take a safari down a tropical river.
 "This camp involves moderate hiking and hiking on an incline."

The Soltis Center for Research and Education:

The Center in Costa Rica was established in January 2009 as a result of a generous donation of former A&M student Mr. Bill Soltis. The Center offers a unique setting for the development of research activities, service projects, and study abroad courses. The modern facilities of the Center include dorms, a cafeteria, and multiple use area, labs, classrooms, internet area, and a videoconference room.