Sea Camp Scholarships

Texas A&M University at Galveston Sea Camp Scholarship contest worth up to $950 for a week at Sea Camp summer 2015.

**Does not include Ecotourism in Costa Rica**

2015 Sea Camp Scholarship Competition Information & Rules:

  • Design a poster that illustrates your desire to attend Sea Camp.

  • Poster should be on standard poster board as shown in the example photo (approximately 22"X28"). The size does not have to be exact, but please make sure it is close to these dimensions. Any color poster board is fine. 

  • Posters will be separate and judged in two categories: ages 10-13 & 14-18.

  • Please DO NOT write your name on the front of it. Write your name, age, telephone number and email address on the back

  • Please include a written description of your poster (No longer than a page long, can be written or typed).

  • You can use any medium you would like on your poster (i.e. paint, pencil, marker).

  • You can glue items to your poster, however you will need to roll the poster up to mail it, so keep that in mind during the design process!

  • Please place your written description on top of your poster and roll it when you are finished. Do not glue,tape, or staple your written description to your poster. Place your finished product inside a mailing tube and mail to: Sea Camp- TAMUG, P.O. Box 1675, Galveston, Texas 77553-1675. ** If you are overnighting or your mailing methods requires a physical address, please mail your tube to: Sea Camp - TAMUG, 1001 Texas Clipper Rd. #500, Galveston, Texas 77554

  • Your mailing tube must be POSTMARKED by April 13,2015. If a tube arrives at the Sea Camp office postmarked with a later date, it will be immediately disqualified.

  • Judging will take place the week of April 20,2015 and winners will be notified beginning May 1,2015.

  • Winning a Sea Camp scholarship does not guarantee you a spot in the camp that is full. Please have 2 or 3 camp choices in mind, should you be chosen. (if you need aspecific camp/date, you can register now to hold a spot for $150 deposit, which is refundable, see website for details).

  • Judges include TAMUG faculty and Staff. Approximately 30 people served as judges last year.

  • BE CREATIVE AND HAVE FUN!! The example we provided is just an example to get you on the right track, so please create something that is unique to you.

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