Sea Camp Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between Sea Camp and Sea Campus Kids?
    • Sea Camp is a week-long residential camp for ages 10-18. Sea Campus Kids is a day camp for kids ages 6-11.
  • Where will my child be staying?
    • Most camps stay in our dorms right here on our TAMUG campus. The few camps that spend part or all of their time away from our campus include traveling camps such as Coastal Camping, Ecotourism in Costa Rica, Biology of the Sea Turtle, etc.
  • What is included in the price for the camp?
    • The camp fee includes Room, board, and all field trips. So the only money your child may want to bring would be for souvenirs, snacks, and sodas. 
  • What are the guidelines for payments, deposits, and refunds?
    • Payment/Deposit- When you register for a camp, you will immediately be asked to pay a deposit. For most of our camps the deposit is $150. For Costa Rica the deposit is $700.
    • Due Date for payment*- The deadline to pay for your camp is three weeks prior to the camp starting. The full amount of the camp must be paid and the registration packet must be sent in before this time.
    • Refunds*- As long as you cancel before three weeks prior to the camp starting you will receive a full refund including the deposit. If you cancel within the two weeks prior to camp starting period you will lose your deposit but you will receive the rest of your payment back.
  • Will I receive more information about the camp?
    • Yes, we will send out a registration packet in the spring via email. This packet will have a packing list and general info for you and your camper but will also provide us with necessary information such as allergies and medical conditions. It will also give your camper the opportunity to request a roommate. Once you receive the registration packet, you will need to print it out SINGLE SIDED, fill it out completely, and MAIL it back to us. We CANNOT accept faxes, copies, or scans because we need the original signatures. Our mailing address is:

Sea Camp
P.O.Box 1675
Galveston, TX 77553

For overnighting mail and FedEx ONLY (regular mail will not work with this address):

Sea Camp
1001 Texas Clipper Road
Galveston, TX 77554

  • What if my camper needs to arrive via airport*?
    • If your camper needs to travel via plane that is perfectly fine. We receive campers from around the world. If you would like a Sea Camp representative to pick up your camper, the best airport to fly your camper in is Houston Hobby Airport. If it is impossible to fly your child into Hobby, you will need to contact Galveston Limousine Service at (409) 744-5466 for pick up of your camper from Bush Intercontinental Airport. It is a $30 fee each way from Hobby. To prevent long delays when picking up the campers we have set arrival and departure times to help streamline this process. The arrival time for Sunday is 10am-1:30pm. The departure time for Saturday is 9am-11:30am.
    • What happens if there is bad weather?
      • In the case of bad weather we have alternate activities for the campers to do.
      • What is the difference between an instructor and a counselor?
        • An Instructor is a TAMUG undergraduate, graduate or professor usually in the Marine Biology field. Counselors are K-12 educators (kid experts) who come as chaperones for their board of education credits. Both our counselors and instructors go through background checks and Texas A&M’s child protection training. Our Instructors are also CPR/ First Aid certified.
  • Can I have a day-by-day schedule of what my camper will be doing?
    • We do not release camper schedules to parents for security reasons and because they are subject to change. A description for each camp can be found on our webpage.
    • Is there a bedtime?
      • Most camps have a 10 o’clock in your room, lights out policy.
      • Cell phones and other personal belongings are welcome but we will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

*This may differ for specialty camps such as our Ecotourism in Costa Rica camp.