Jeremy McIntyre Team Race Regatta

(03.05.05 - 03.06.05) Stanford University
Saturday's breeze was slow to build, but filled in around 10:30, building to 6-10 knots. Race Committee ran 41 races of a 45 race round robin. Two starts of Fj's & one start of 420's to keep the races moving. With a High pressure system building overhead. Sunday's breeze was slower to fill. RC managed to finish the rotation and sneak in a final four in 4-6 knots before 4pm. All N-Courses.

Stanford supplied colored pinnies with school letters to each team (in school colors!) to make spectating easier! Seemed to be a big hit! On-the-water judging by Bryan McDonald, Grant Baldwin, Don Becker, Steve Bourdow, Jeff Condon, Holt Condon, Kirk...., Dave Kenny, Matt Hooks, Katie Schuman, Jen Morgan, Ted Conrads, Nick Adamson, AJ Crane.

Big thank you to Sequioa YC for hosting a great surf/turf dinner on Saturday night. Great to have Barbara & Dave McIntyre (Former Stanford Captain Jeremy McIntyre's parents) on hand all weekend, & handing out the trophies on Sunday! Racing was very close all weekend. Congrats to USC for a spotless win.

1.  12-0  U Southern California
2.  9-3   Stanford
3.  8-4   Yale
4.  6-6   U South Florida

5.  5-4   St.Mary's
6.  4-5   UC Irvine
7.  3-6   U Hawaii
8.  2-7   U Washington
9.  1-8   Texas A&M Galveston
10. 1-8   Northwestern

USC: Mikee Anderson, Greg Helias, Harrison Turner, Melanie Roberts, Vanessa
Decollibus, Lessa Grunfelder, Eva Seligman

Stanford: Peter Deming, Eddie Conrad, Emery Wager, Jeff Allen, Lucy Horton,
Becca Levin, Anna Vu, Joanna Madsen

Yale: Stu McNay, Phil Stemler, Zach Brown, Hillary SHapiro, Meredith
Killion, Sarah Himmelfarb

USF: Kevin Reali, Andrew Blom, Bryan Paine, Ashley Reynolds, Andrea Hurtado,
Liz Foy

SMC: Andrew Watters, Justin Law, John Howell, Aubrey Mayer, Hillary Weich,
PAige Hannon, Melissa Pumphrey

UCI: Frank Tybor, Mike Brown, Barrett Sprout, Will Pocherva, Graham Biehl,
Kelsey Cochran.

UH: Scott De Curtis, Joey Pasquali, Matt Stine, Bryan Lake, Shandy Buckley,
Cassie HArris, Becky Mabardy

UW: Brendan Fahey, Zak Malbin, Alex Jones, KAte Selting, Lysondra Ward,
Ellie Wilson.

TAMUG: Scott Stanton, Hugh Haggerty, Carey Krause, Derek Whallen, Maureen
Frerichs, Nick Moraski

NW: Brian Sabina, Aarron Lasher, Nik Ehrensberger, Asa Church, Christine
Heckmann, Ashley Metz.