Aaron Szambecki Team Race

(03.27.04 - 03.28.04) Old Dominion University
Saturday: A total of twelve races were sailed today. Temperatures were in the mid 70s. Morning winds were SW 8-12 shifting to the W and decreasing to zero. Racing was postponed at about 11:30 for lack of wind. Breeze filled lightly from the NE and racing began again at about 12:30. Wind shifted between NE and NW before completely dying. Competition was postponed and at 4:30 we called it a day. Races were sailed in FJs around triangle windward and digital N courses. Umpiring took place on the water. Lunch was provided to all by Towne Pointe Yacht Club.

Sunday: What a great day of team racing, a total of 76 races were run today around digital N courses. Winds were NNE 10-20. On the water umpiring kept off the water protests minimal.

Thank you to all the competitors who participated in this regatta, we hope a good time was had by all. Thank you to Towne Pointe Yacht Club for providing lunch and snacks to all the teams on Saturday. Thanks to our umpiring team; Dave, Jeff, Angelo, Randy, Gordie, Ben, and Brad. And of course, thanks to the ODU team members who spent their weekend running this fine event. Congratulations to the Winning Team from Hobart William Smith: Ed Norton, John Pearce, John Storck, Augusta Nadler, Alexis Rubin, Molly Lawson, and Zach Goldman.

                         W      L
Hobart          11  1
St. Mary's      8  4
ODU                 8  4
Stanford        6  6
Charleston   4  8
KP                    3  9
USCB               2  5
TAMUG          0  7