Jeremy McIntyre Team Race

(03.06.04 - 03.07.04) Stanford University
Saturday was sunny & warm with 5-12 knots of breeze. A total of 63 races were completed on an "N" course for 1 1/3 of a double round robin. Two fleets of FJ's and one fleet of 420's were used. Sequoia YC hosted a surf & turf dinner Saturday night, where friends Steve Bourdow and Nick Adamson shared memories of Stanford alum Jeremy McIntyre '94, who was killed in an avalanche while skiing in '99. Thanks to Vanguard Sailboats for donating some awesome door prizes (Magic Marine backpacks, spraytops and rashguards).

Sunday dawned with unusual fog, ten races were completed in light air. The fog burned off, but breeze quit at about noon, and never came in with enough force to complete the 2nd round robin, or a final four/six. RC Chair Jay Kehoe called it quits at 3pm. Thanks to the Stanford sailors for running the finish & mark boats. HUGE thanks to Observers: Bryan McDonald, Steve Bourdow, Grant Baldwin, Nick Adamson, Pat Whitmarsh, Jago McCloud, John Christman, Dave Byron and Jeff Condon. Results reflect the one round robin that was completed. Congrats to St. Mary's!

1- St Mary's              9-0
2- U Hawaii               7-2
3- U South Florida        6-3
4- U Southern California  6-3
5- UC Irvine              5-4
6- Stanford               4-5
7- Boston College         3-6
8- TAMUG                  2-7
9- UC Santa Barbara       2-7
10- U Washington          1-8

Winning Team:
St. Mary's- Nick Ewenson, Jay Rhame, Justin Law, Jen Vandemoer, Hilary Weich, Paige Hannon.

Hawaii- Bryan Lake, Joey Pasqualli, Matt Stine, Merideth Adams, Carly Allen, Sarah Reed.

USF- Matt Hickman, Kevin Reali, Andrew Blom, Jen Lee, Ashley Reynolds, Amber Cockburn.

USC- Mikee Anderson, Harrison Turner, Greg Helias, Alex Bernal, Meghan Hoffman, Eva Segilman, Vanessa Decolibus.

UCI- John Boyd, Mike Brown, Frank Tybor, Whitney Loufek, Emily Hemberger, Kelsey Cochran.

Stanford- Jen Porter, Pete Deming, Brian Haines, Emery Wager, Andy Mesher, Anna Vu, Taylor Clark, Lucy Horton, Caroline Young, Becca Levin.

BC- Frank Ustach, Jeff Bonanni, Ben Gent, Joy MacDougal, Jen Doyle, Caitlin Gill, Mike Grosso.

TAMUG- Bill Self, Scott Stanton, Kevin Gunn, Maureen Frerichs, Robin Reger, Julie Svaton

UCSB- Lindsay Buchan, Isaac Gillette, Dave Hochart, Lauren Hobson, Monica LaHaye, Katie Jackson, Jackie Prior.

UW- Brendan Fahey, Christopher Mordue, Zach Malbin, Kimberley Kishi, Heather Baird, Lysondra Ludwig, Elliott Wilson, Alexander Jones