SEISA Qualifier #1

(01.31.04) University of Texas
WEATHER: S/SW 5-10kt. and very shifty. Cold (40) with rain and fog in the morning, Sunny and warmer (60) after lunch.
Cold and light for most of the day, finally clearing and building after lunch (the weather was beautiful while putting the boats away). The racing was good and tight, much closer than the scores show. A clinic was also run at the same time for all the other SEISA teams who did not wish to participate in the regatta as well as regatta teams with extra people. This was the first time we have tried this and it was thought to be a good idea, allowing the smaller teams to get some professional coaching.

No protests were filed.

Texas Sailing would like to thank PRO Mike Curtin and Jessie Dawson for running a great regatta as well as Jake Scott for his coaching and AYC for allowing us to use their 420's in the clinic.

Overall, Division A and B results

A&B Division lineup

* Because Joe Quick skippered in A before crewing in B Tulane is disqualified from all B sets he sailed per ICSA Procedural Rules (section 10, appendix b.i).

In the future I urge all teams to write more legibly on their RP forms. These are important documents that determine eligibility. In the future if UT cannot read who sailed or if the races sailed are not reported accurately we will have no choice to leave the matter to ICSA, potentially resulting in a 20 point per division penalty for the guilty team.

Blake Billman
SEISA President