Frank Mendelblatt Team Race 2005

(02.12.05 - 02.13.05) University of South Florida
Saturday: Seven teams completed 36 races in Tampa Bay at the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg, Fl. The competitors enjoyed the sixty-five degree temperature and plenty of sunshine. Racing began at 10:20am in an 8-10 knot Northerly that weakened to 4-6 knots, and then switched to S/SW at 5-7 knots. Current was a major factor all over the race course. The collegiate "N" course was used for all races. Round Robin #2 will be completed in the morning. One protest was filed and was disallowed.

Sunday: Racing began at 10:15am in 6-8 knots from the East that died by noon. The second round robin was completed, and a Final-Four / Bottom-Three was attempted, but was not completed. BC and USF were both 2-0, CofC and UF were both 0-2 in the final four when the breeze died.

Final Results through 2 round robins:

Boston College               11-1
University of South Florida   9-3
College of Charleston         8-4
University of Florida         6-6
Eckerd College                5-7
Texas A&M Galveston           2-10
SUNY Maritime                 1-11


Frank Ustach
Jeff Bonanni
Ben Gent
Joy MacDougall
Jen Doyle
Caitlin Gill

Kevin Reali
Andrew Blom
Bryan Paine
Phil Tanner
Kyle St. John
Ashley Reynolds
Liz Foy
Sarah Hakken
Adrienne Bohl
Jamie Doshier

Blake Kimbrough
Brendan Healy
Russ O'Reilly
Kelly Bowers
Julia Southworth
Dani Neri

Ornel Cotera
Rick Korab
Tristan Loman
Jamie Tidwell
Ashleigh Schmidt
Devon Cappock
Elizabeth Ociplea
Julian Cotera

Kellen Benard
Justin Van Deise
DJ Driscoll
Rob Simmons
Tina Irwin
Lauren Fisher
Courtney Nosach
Courtney Kriss

Matt Barrett
Kevin Gunn
Hugh Haggerty
Juli Svaton
Derek Whalen
Scott Harrison

Erich Hesse
Stuart Grulke
Chris Price
Jill Decker
Arielle Knuttel
Pat O'Connor