SEISA Qualifier #3

(02.14.04) University of West Florida
The TAMUG Sailing Team Raced this weekend at the University of West Florida. We raced against Auburn, South Alabama, UNO, and UWF. Maureen and I raced in 'A' Division, Matt and Kristen sailed in 'B', and Hugh sailed the Laser Division. South Alabama was the only other team to bring a Laser.

The regatta was very laid back; we did not even start the first race until about 12:15.

The Weather was chilly and overcast with limited visibility. The wind in the first two races was about 15-17 knots and heavy chop. By the third race the wind and chop started to die. The wind went as low as about 5 knots at the end of the day.

Race 1A:
Maureen and I had a good pin end start on a pretty square line. We had trouble going fast as we were overpowed. It was hard to depower by pinching with the heavy chop, so we had to play the main a lot! We finally made it to the weather mark after about 15 minutes of hiking up the long
course's beat in will say 3rd (it was a crowded rounding without clear positions) Downwind we sailed well and rounded the leeward mark in 1st. We started the second beat by covering the guy in 2nd (USA). After about 2 minutes of sailing it was apparent that he was sailing faster in the heavy wind and chop, so we tacked off and sailed our own race. We finally met him again at the end of the beat calling him on starboard. He fouled us and we won the race.

Race 2A:
Still windy and choppy. We had a good boat-end start but rounded the weather mark in 2nd behind USA. We stayed in second for the rest of the race.

Laser Race 1:
Karl from South Alabama broke his mast before the start.
Hugh got first... and last place. Congratulations Hugh.

Race 3B... and all of the B division races...
Matt dominates and wins every race. WAY TO GO MATT AND KRISTEN!!!

Race 5A:
Wind is lighter now... maybe 7 knots. Our boat speed was fast. Constant mainsheet attention was essential in the light wind with leftover chop. we had good tacks to match our speed. We win the race

Race 6A:
Same as race 5A

The Rest of the Laser Races:
Karl gets a new mast, but Hugh still wins every race. WAY TO GO HUGH!

Race 9A:
Bad start, but we separated from the fleet by going left. We got a little lucky and rounded in first. We won the race.

Race 10A:
Good port start... but we did not play the shifts very well. We round somewhere in the back end of the fleet. We sailed fast downwind and rounded the leeward mark in second. No more passing was done. We got a second in our last race.

All in all it was a great regatta for our team. We where just two races away from having a perfect score. I learned a lot about sailing in chop. Maureen was an awesome crew! She can even sail well when she is sea sick. That's dedication! We qualified for the Navy regatta, so lets go kick some

-- Kevin