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Research Scientists    

TAMUG Procedures for Posting and Hiring Faculty-Equivalent Research Positions

TAMUG Faculty-Equivalent Research Positions will be posted through TAMUG Human Resources

The following research positions are considered faculty-equivalent:

  • Assistant Research Scientist
  • Associate Research Scientist
  • Research Scientist
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate

Step 1: Prepare, route, submit and receive approved PAR. The revised PAR form and Instructions can be found on the TAMUG Human Resources (HR) website at  Routing for employment actions which are 100% research funded may now be approved by either the AVP for Research and Graduate Studies or AVP for Research Development instead of the VP for Finance.

Step 2: Post position with HR. To post a position, a Notice of Vacancy (NOV) is required. PDF version is available at Send completed NOV to Betty Thompson (TAMUG-HR) via email ( Positions will be posted on the TAMUG employment and Texas Workforce Commission websites. Posting with supplement sources is encouraged.

Step 3: Collect Applications for Consideration. Applications should come into HR (TAMUG-HR, P.O. Box 1675, Galveston, TX 77553) where they will be distributed to departments as received. Originals will be kept in department and copy will be retained by HR. Self-Identification Information Form (last page of application) will be removed and retained by HR.

Step 4: Follow hiring procedures per System Regulation 33.99.01 ( and University Rule 33.99.01.M1 ( Document the search and selection processes. Send Betty Thompson a detailed description of the processes used to determine the best qualified applicant.

Step 5: After the references are checked, the departments may then make the offer. Make offer to selected candidate using offer letter template ( Email Betty Thompson a copy of the offer letter to review.

Step 6: Submit TAMUG Criminal Background Check Request Form ( to HR.

Step 7: Submit the Verification of Degree(s) and/or Licensure Release Form to Betty Thompson. Please note the commercial system used cannot verify international degrees. Additional effort may be required from the hiring group and applicant for verification of international degrees. If the diploma isn’t in English, you can always try, otherwise, a certified transcript or certified diploma in English is required.

Step 8: Complete a Research Position Posting Request Form which can be found here or also at Any questions should be directed to or contact Kim Williamson at or 979-845-2555. 

Step 9: Retain copies of applications, interview notes, and related paperwork as specified in the State of Texas Records Retention Schedule. There should be a departmental and TAMUG-HR copy.