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Contract Administration

Contracts are written agreements binding Texas A&M at Galveston and another party to the obligations within the document.

The TAMU Department of Contract Administration has responsibility for the review and approval of all contracts prior to a contract being signed by the appropriate University officer with delegated authority to do so. Written contracts should be executed whenever Texas A&M University enters into a binding agreement with another party that involves any stated or implied consideration.  Refer to TAMU Rule – Contracts Administration for more information 

Contract Submission Process

First you must complete a Contract/Agreement Approval Transmittal form, found at:

Then send it and any other pertinent information you have concerning the contract as a PDF to the TAMUG Department of Research and Graduate Studies at  Your contract will be forwarded to the TAMU Department of Contract Administration for review and approval.

Once approved by TAMU Contract Administration, the contract will be forwarded back to you for final signature by the designated authority (usually: TAMUG President, Associate Provost or Department Head (depending on dollar amount and funding source)).

Keep in mind: Many times a vendor will accept a Purchase Order in lieu of a contract. Contract processing can be time-consuming, so consider this option first.

Facility Use Agreements

Contracts involving the reservation of a hotel ballroom or conference facility may not necessarily require review by TAMU Contract Administration. 

If a prospective vendor will agree to the conditions set forth in the Facility Use Addendum, then review by TAMU Contract Administration is not necessary.  Please use the attached form, Facility Use Addendum for Galveston.  

If a prospective vendor will not agree to all terms set forth in the Facility Use Addendum, the contract must then be reviewed by TAMU Contract Administration.   Please refer to Contract Submission Process above.

Standard Contracts

Standard contract templates can be found at: